forever never ends 100.jpgAuthor Scott Nicholson has a guest post over at Zoe Winters’ blog with this title. He says:

… the digital era means you are now running the publishing industry. No, not that publishing industry, the one in New York that so many frustrated writers are happy to see in trouble. Though, in truth, it’s sort of like the old flame you ridicule on Facebook. You know if she called you up, you’d be over there slobbering on her doorstep within minutes. (Well, with the exception of Zoe Winters and J.A. Konrath, maybe).

His reasons are:

1. You are now going to determine the market price for books
2. You create the distribution system
3. You create the bestseller lists
4. You will create trends more rapidly than ever
5. You have more choices and more freedom than ever before
6. You can carry a library in your pocket
7. Your are now inside the book

Go over there and get the details.


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