images.jpegHere’s part of the press release:

When the Skiff Store and service launch later on this year, we’ll offer a comprehensive selection of content from leading magazines, newspapers, books and blogs.

As a preferred e-reading service partner across a range of Samsung devices, we’ll feature newspapers like The New York Times and Financial Times; magazines such as Forbes, Esquire and — for the one or two of you who might care about topics like technology and science — Popular Mechanics; as well as bestselling ebooks from publishers including Random House and Simon & Schuster.

Skiff will deliver premium content to dedicated e-readers, as well as tablets, netbooks and PCs. But we want to make sure consumers can read whatever they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want. So, perhaps most exciting to emphasize today, Skiff will also optimize e-reading content for wireless delivery to innovative smart phones like the Galaxy S.

Skiff and Samsung are working together to produce a great e-reading experience for the Galaxy S; featuring visually appealing layouts, high-resolution graphics, rich typography and dynamic updates.


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