Steve JobsApple sounds as if it feels that its music sales are being held back by DRM. Steve Jobs is now speaking out against the requirement that is forced on him by the music companies to package the digital downloads with crippling DRM. In Europe, several governments are making noise that they will enact legislation to force Apple to sell DRM free downloads so that the iTunes can be played on any MP3 device.

There have been rumors that Apple may get into the e-book industry and the upcoming Apple iPhone seems like a decent e-reading device. What a welcome relief it would be to have DRM free ebooks. Could Apple lead the way?


  1. The most interesting claim that I have read in this barrage of stories about DRM is the following quote from the DailyTech website:

    Jobs detailed. “Today’s most popular iPod holds 1000 songs, and research tells us that the average iPod is nearly full. This means that only 22 out of 1000 songs, or under 3 percent of the music on the average iPod, is purchased from the iTunes store and protected with a DRM. The remaining 97 percent of the music is unprotected and playable on any player that can play the open formats.”

    It appears that consumers wish to avoid digital objects that are encumbered with DRM whenever it is possible.

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