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From the International Business Times:

The Apple iPad 3 is poised to sweep the tablet market and steal more than 50% of the Amazon Kindle Fire’s customers, according to a new study.

The study by the deal-shopping site found that nearly half of the potential Apple iPad 3 buyers it surveyed plan to purchase the new tablet when after its release, which is reportedly set to take place on March 7.

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The Apple iPad 3 is poised to sweep the tablet market and steal 50% of the Amazon Kindle Fire's customers. The Amazon Kindle Fire is shown here.

But even more surprising was the study’s finding that more than 50 percent of the Amazon Kindle Fire’s customers also plan to buy the iPad 3. The trend could have a major impact on Amazon’s bottom line and tablet market share.

The findings come despite the fact that the Apple iPad 3 is slated to be signficantly more-expensive than the technically-inferior, $100 Amazon Kindle Fire, meaning that event current tablet owners are prepared to drop big dollars for new devices.

More in the article.  Thank to MediaBistro for the heads up.


  1. Where are you finding $100 Kindle Fires. is decent site, but a straw poll even on a popular site still ain’t the electrons wasted writing about it. Wild conclusions drawn from such a poll along with sloppy fact checking leave me rolling my eyes and looking for spoon to stab myself with.

  2. I tried to follow the link back to the original study, but while that page had survey results, it said nothing about the Kindle Fire. It also had no information about how many people were surveyed, the method used to survey, the length of time they were surveyed, or anything else about methodology. It did say that 46% of HP TouchPad owners would buy an iPad 3. I have reservations about a survey that shows that more Fire owners than TouchPad owners would buy an iPad 3.

  3. Doubts about the “survey”. The 7-inch size and current price is perfect for a large group of users. Personally I don’t want an iPad but would like to see the Kindle Fire to:
    * allow Android Market access (without rooting)
    * allow full Google access (maps, calendar, etc)
    * allow additional storage options (USB or SD cards)
    * Blu-tooth (for external speakers, etc)
    * allow option to remove carousel
    * allow screenshot saves (e.g., for maps when out of WiFi range)

    P.S. I don’t need/want a camera on a 7-inch device.

  4. I have the original iPad, also a Kindle Fire. Will definitely be getting an iPad3! The Android OS has turned out to be a disappointment to me in comparison to iOS. I am reading on the Fire in bed with a dim light on in the room. Not using it for much else, however.

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