Definitely Not PornComedian Scott Rogowsky has taken his reading matter for a ride on the New York subway – in ways that make you wish for more nice anonymous Kindle cases. Then at least you won’t have to see titles like “How To Hold A Fart In” or “Ass Eating Made Simple.”

As explained in his New York Daily News interview after this hilarious YouTube video made for Playboy’s Chortle channel went viral, Scott Rogowsky took his fake book jackets for a ride on April Fool’s Day 2016, giving him some … ahem … cover for the prank. “I think everyone on the subway judges people for what they’re reading,” he remarks.

Well, perhaps not, because the answer to the the title question implied in this article is: Nothing. At best perhaps a polite chuckle and someone snapping a phone pic of you. But then, this is Noo Yawk, and they’ve probably seen worse things on their ride from the Warriors on down.

How to Hold a Fart In



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