screenshot on kindleEver wondered how to take a screenshot on Kindle Paperwhite, like the one I used in my earlier article on reading news on my Kindle?

It’s actually really easy.

1. Find the page you want.

2. Touch the top left and bottom right of the screen (or top right and bottom left).

3. Wait for the flash.

4. Plug your Kindle into a computer. The images will be on the root directory.

It’s that easy. As far as I know, it only works on the Paperwhite and Voyage, not on the older Kindle Touches. My Kindle is a bit finicky, and it doesn’t always work. My husband’s Kindle seems to be more forgiving, and the image in this article was taken on his, not mine, although I did get it to work on the article I linked to above.

Note that you’ll want to touch just the corner of the screen, not too far in, or you’ll activate a menu or other feature. Timing isn’t specific. You can set one finger in one corner, hold it there and then touch the other corner.

It sure beats several years ago when the only way I could get a “screenshot” of my Kindle Touch was to snap a picture of the screen with my phone!


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