Juli MonroeOver the past two years, TeleRead has been lucky enough to employ Juli Monroe as editor in chief. But two other Julis exist: one a social networking whiz and another a novelist. And this week Juli told me that old and valued consulting clients were now tugging at her for more of her time.

What should she do? If she gave me a few weeks’ notice, could she leave TeleRead and focus on her other activities?

How could I not have said yes? Per hour, TeleRead has paid a fraction of Juli’s usual work, and I’d certainly want her to be free to pursue what she calls “an explosion of business opportunities” involving existing clients.

Please check out the Web site for Juli’s 1 to 1 Discovery business and see if her services might be of interest once she has caught her breath and can squeeze in new clients. She provides networking coaching not only for the usual business types but also writers and publishers.

Among other things, Juli will coach clients on podcasting—in areas ranging from content and delivery to promotion of the shows. Via paid advertising labeled as such, we may link to her clients’ podcasts in the future.

In addition to her networking and social media coaching work, Juli plans to expand her fiction writing. If you haven’t already dropped by her Amazon Author Page, we encourage you to do so.

Meanwhile, big thanks to her for the talented people she both retained and recruited for TeleRead.

Our appreciation, too, Juli, for your helpful business advice on such matters as my purchase of TeleRead from NAPCO Media. You also helped pave the way for our arrangements with Ezoic, the Web optimization service, which, based on preliminary numbers, might double TeleRead’s advertising revenue.

Handling Juli’s duties, effective immediately, will be Editor Chris Meadows and I. We’re skipping the few weeks’ notice so Juli can crank up her consulting activities without delay. My title will remain publisher.

Please join me in wishing Juli the best in her future endeavors! “It’s been a fun ride,” she tells us, “and now it’s time to move on.”


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