61XqdjniJoL.jpgWant a Kindle? Well you might get one for free!

We’re giving one away. All you have to do is enter your email address for our newsletter (see the top of every web page on TeleRead.com) and then fill out the short survey. One response will be drawn at random and the winner will receive a 3G + WiFi Kindle. The contest ends at 11:59:59 EST on December 19 and is open to US residents only.

The full rules of the contest are here.

Following the end of this giveaway (12/20/11), Teleread will offer a free report, “E-Books: Defining Your Digital Publishing Strategy” to anyone who registers at TeleRead.com.


  1. Phishing scams are criminal in nature and typically involve trying to access people’s usernames, passwords, etc. I can assure you this contest is completely legitimate. We’re asking the question about “owning an e-reader” to help us understand the TeleRead audience better. This question (and others) will change over time. If you’re considered how the information you provide could be used, you can always check our privacy policy, which is linked to from this and any form.

  2. Survey site was down. After reading the comments, I think I’ll just unsubscribe anyway and keep reading via RSS. Sharing email addresses with others may be a valid business plan, but it doesn’t endear yourself to all your readers.

  3. Ok, phishing might not have been the correct technical term. I don’t think TeleRead is necessarily going to spam us, but it does make me leery when a small trusted (as much as you can trust any internet site) blog like this starts talking about “offers” and such. It’s a bad road to go down. That’s the main point I was trying to make in my previous comment.

  4. I understand your point completely Ben. I would just say that teleread are no different any other site. They take advantage of opportunities to build databases and earn income streams – it al goes into the pot. We as visitors need to be grown up about it and assess each situation on it’s merits. The intent of the competition is transparent and as Rob points out, it is voluntary. We do get to enjoy a good site and have a friendly debate here all for free. So imho it’s a wash. 🙂

  5. @Howard’s first post about US residents only and geographical restrictions is right on the money and is very funny in an sad ironical way. Many of the stories and visitors to teleread are not residents of the US. Gave me a good laugh.

  6. I wonder, why is the contest “open to US residents only”?
    Are you interested only in obtaining data from USA residents? Or is the postage for sending the prize too much for you to pay? Or you simply want to demonstrate how stupid regional restrictions that you love to criticize here can be?

  7. The contest is open only to US residents due to the different laws governing contests and giveaways throughout the world. It’s difficult enough assuring all statutes and federal laws are followed. We are grateful to TeleRead supporters throughout the world and will continue to look at ways to show our appreciation to them as well.

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