Today Juli Monroe, Joanna Cabot, and I got together to record our first TeleRead podcast, talking for an hour about recent news stories and other events. We touched upon various stories including the Amazon/Penguin Random House contract deal, the recent change in Amazon Kindle Unlimited compensation terms, the Authors Guild fair contract initiative, the new Kindle Paperwhite, and more. It was a fun hour of conversation, and I think it proves we can have an interesting show.

Our next episode, scheduled for 2 p.m. Eastern a week from Sunday, will be recorded live and in public. Anyone who wants to listen live can do so, and send us text messages via TalkShoe’s chat client. If anyone should want to phone in, you can do that, too—via either phone or voice-over-IP. We hope you’ll join us.

At the moment, the podcast is available for streaming or downloading from the show’s TalkShoe listing. I will be submitting it to iTunes once the podcast’s logo is in place. (I’m having an issue uploading a temporary logo, but have a request in to TalkShoe support.)

We hope you enjoy listening to our talk as much as we enjoyed having it!


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