Podio, a Citrix-based platform which focuses on digital teamwork solutions, has shared an interesting infographic on “The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People.” And for all budding yet highly insecure writers out there (and what writer isn’t underneath?), there are plenty of authors on the list for you to benchmark yourselves against.

Customizable in its original web presentation, the infographic ranges from John Milton to Haruki Murakami, and from Flannery O’Connor to Gustave Flaubert. Plenty of non-writers get a look-in too, including Sigmund Freud and Pablo Picasso, but authors appear to have the (literary?) lion’s share of the attention. And the scale swings between the generous sleep allowance of Richard Strauss (some 10 hours) to the insomniac schedule of Franz Kafka (an hour or two around dawn, and some four hours in early afternoon) or Mozart (four hours just after midnight). And creative time can vary from Immanuel Kant’s miniscule one hour per day (around 6 a.m.) to  Balzac’s 15 hours per day punctuated by a one-hour nap.

The live version of the table is also captioned with fun little pop-ups like “working in a very focused manner” (for Charles Darwin) or “trying to fall asleep” (for Vladimir Nabokov). All in all, you can have hours of fun with it – which, don’t forget, would be better spent writing.


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