Amazon, my iPhone and the easy integration between the two made a huge difference in my life yesterday.

I was running errands and stopped at the bank. When I finished depositing checks, my truck wouldn’t start. Thus began the adventure which started with a jump, moved to a tow and ended with my husband’s battery dying too. Not my best day ever.

Usually, I don’t leave home without my iPad or Nook. However, my trip was so short that I didn’t think I’d need either of them. Naturally, I did have my iPhone, and I had the Kindle app installed.

While waiting for the tow truck, I fired up Amazon in my browser. My Wish List was at the top of the screen, and within minutes, I had a new book downloaded and ready to read. Which was handy. Tow trucks take a while in the D.C. area during rush hour. But I had ample reading to keep me occupied while I waited by the side of the road for almost an hour.

So glad Amazon makes it easy to buy and read on almost any device. Now if they just had a nifty levitation device for sale to move dead cars. I’d spend almost any amount for that!

Oh, and I’m never leaving home again without my Nook or iPad!


  1. Now if only Apple would comply with the DOJ demands and let Amazon allow you to buy from within the Kindle app without paying the 30% Apple tax, things would be perfect.

    (Wow. That sentence didn’t seem like it would be that long when I started it…)

    Hope your truck’s all better.

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