All right, so it doesn’t really involve e-books, but it is a particularly clever Halloween use of two devices that are very popularly used for reading them: a NASA engineer has come up with a costume that involves securing an iPad 2 on the front of your body, another iPad 2 on the back, and starting a FaceTime chat between them to make it look like someone’s blown a gaping hole through your body.

My anal-retentive side quibbles with his presentation in the video—the ipad on his back is clearly higher than the one on his front, so you don’t get the exact image you’d see if someone blew a hole through him. And it does kind of rely on being able to afford two $500 devices for the sake of a costume. But still, it’s a clever idea—especially the bit about carrying a mobile hotspot to ensure your connectivity.

(Found via CNet.)


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