pick.jpgEvery Friday morning I post a list of my favorite posts for the past week. Purely a subjective judgement on my part.

Google Book Settlement market analysis on how it would work with academic libraries

Original Alice manuscript digitized by British Library

iPhone/iPad e-book app review: iBooks by Chris Meadows

iPhone/iPad e-book app review: BookShelf by Chris Meadows

Digital Writing and Pedagogy: How Do We Teach, What Do We Teach by Matt Hayler

Whitcoulls of New Zealand to launch ebooks – Kobo is branching out

High Quality free audiobooks can be read on app for iPhone/iPad

Summing Up the Last Week for Amazon: Phases I, II, and III of the Kindle Revolution Are Over, and Amazon Has Won All Three by Stephen Windwalker

College Archive Resources! (Library Guides Series: Searching)


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