ink.jpgEditor’s Note: Occasional Teleread contributor Danny Bloom has a blog post here about Prime View International and E Ink and what the future might hold for the Taiwanese company. Here is the beginning. PB

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — This blogpost begins with toilet paper and ends with electronic ink. Read on and you’ll find out what I’m talking about, as I key in this article from my electronic cave in Taiwan.

It’s about Prime View International (PVI), the Taiwanese company that is putting E Ink on the world map in a novel way and writing a new chapter in the history of human communication at the same time. The world, and our culture, will never be the same.

Are you reading this article on a paper surface or “screening” it on a computer screen or on e-paper? In today’s world, you have that choice.

The Digital Age is transforming the world instant by instant, and Taiwan, while not at the center the world — and sometimes downright invisible to the rest of the world which seems intent on kowtowing to communist China rather than recognizing Taiwan as an independent, sovereign nation in its own right — is nevertheless poised to play an important role as the bearer of good tidings and cheer, with this thing called E Ink.


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