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The Kyobo was the first hybrid tablet and e-reader to use Mirasol’s new color e-paper technology. It came out early this year and Qualcomm was heavily touting the device as a major achievement. Kyobo is the largest bookstore chain in South Korea and senior management has confirmed with us today that the company is discontinuing the Kyobo e-Reader.

All Kyobo locations in South Korea will not be ordering in Mirasol e-readers once existing stock is sold out. Many retail outlets still have a number of them in stock but are phasing them out completely. The company told us that they face stiff competition from Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, and Asus tablets in the retail market. The Kyobo costs around $300 US and you can get a higher performing tablet with a more recent version of Google Android for the cost. The Kyobo e-Reader simply did not generate enough buzz and attention in their stores to be viable for continued distribution.

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  1. The days of readers are nearing their end, at first I feared the screens were not up to scratch, but it is high priced readers as was obvious–we need outside screens for tablets, and perhaps simpler large and cheap e-ink readers and writers (A4 and bigger), light weight to both read and write on, but offering nothing much else and tablets that do everything but are relatively handy and compact.

    Of the day-light screen Mirasol still seems head and shoulders above the rest. If it had not been for the economic downturn, I suggest the Kyobo reader at its high price would have done alright.

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