DiggiPhoneApp Diggerific brings Digg headlines and comments to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The interface is nice, but for the full stories, my Touch needs to fire up the Safari browser. And so far I haven’t found a way to get back to Diggerific easily. Has anyone else? Maybe I’m missing something.

On the positive, Digg is well organized and lets you e-mail stories to friends. A useful app, but it could be better.

Another news-related app: NowLocal

NowLocal, another news-related app, brings you local headlines, including some you might not see within the far more advanced Associated Press app. It, too, allows e-mail. But as with Diggerific, you must fire up Safari for full stories. Furthermore, NowLocal’s updates for Alexandria, Virginia, are more than 12 hours hour old as I write this. Shall we call it ThenLocal? I also wish there a way to have more than one city as a preset. That said, keep in mind this freebie is a baby program and will surely get better.

SourceForge Network News (SFNet/News)

SourceForge Network News bring you headlines from Slashdot, Freshmeat.net, Thinkgeek.com, Linux.com and SourceForge.net and likewise requires Safari for the full story. I don’t see an e-mail capability. Hey, guys. Isn’t Slashdot supposed to be a big social site? Your software should reflect this. Here’s hoping for a better integrated version that doesn’t force me to do the browser act.

image Related: Forget the iPhone—The iPod Touch is Good Enough, in LifeHacker, via Digg. Well, it depends. If you use a cellphone constantly and don’t want to tote around more than one device, the iPhone might be the way to go. But why pay for a phone or an always-with-you wireless if you don’t need them? That’s why I’m not messing with an iPhone, beyond the cost of the subscription plan. The Touch by itself is a nice little hand-hand for e-books—with a sharp 3.5-inch screen that can display hundreds of words at a time for those with good enough vision. Otherwise you’re a Kindle or Sony Reader prospect, if you don’t mind E Ink’s less-than-optimal contrast between text and background.


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