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Airborne: Flightglobal Archives for your eReader!

Historical Military Documents! (Library Guides Series: History)

G-Men, the OSS and My iPad!

Lunar Conspiracies and This Old BBS: Ancient Files Equals Good Reading!

Murder, Mayhem and the Space Rocket: Pulp Adventures to Go!

College Archive Resources! (Library Guides Series: Searching)

Shelved! Google Books–My Library (Library Guides Series: Technical)

Looking for a title? (Library Guides Series: Searching)

Come On In: The New Improved Open Library!

Superman and More: Comics on your E-Reader!

Mabry’s Historical Text Archive….

Fall In! Military Ebook Resources!

Tabbloid It!

The Digital Daily: how to easily get historic newspapers onto your ereader

Strategies for WordCat searching

Finding it! A short introduction to WorldCat!

Need Something to Read? Try Hathi Trust and the Internet Archive


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