Publisher catalogs might not seem such a big deal to consumers for whom Amazon is the catalog. However, this is apparently an important part of the service for many publishers: important enough to outsource it to specialists like Above the Treeline. And Above the Treeline has just partnered with Ingram Content Group to provide print-on-demand catalogs from local Ingram plants in the U.S. and UK for imprints carried on its Edelweiss platform, ensuring that catalog print runs stay up to date and proportionate to demand.

“Our publishing and bookselling customers, just like readers worldwide, have format preferences in how they create, discover, acquire and consume content,” said John Rubin, CEO of Above the Treeline, in the Ingram announcement.  “It is both a physical and digital world, and through our collaborative work with Ingram, publishers will have a simple and flexible way to develop and distribute print and e-catalogs from Edelweiss.”

According to Above the Treeline, “Edelweiss helps publishers improve catalog accuracy, reduce catalog costs, and optimize their sales and marketing efforts.  Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order titles, and download advanced review copies for thousands of book-industry professionals. Almost 9,000 imprints are represented in Edelweiss.” The new p-o-d physical catalog service is expected to launch in the summer.


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