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Just saw that the used and refurbished Kindle DX units are going for $245 on Amazon today.  They have 31 used and 1 refurbised left.  

In addition I saw, through and Amazon tweet, that, for today only, you can get a new DX (list $379) and a leather cover for it (list $40) for $299.

When I’m not using my tablet for reading, I have replaced my Kindle Touch with my DX.  I love the size and, for some reason, the text seems crisper than the Touch.


  1. Paul,
    Tap the top edge and choose ‘Aa’ at the bottom to bring up your text settings and choose Sans Serif instead. For anyone finding the display fonts not dark enough (mine are very dark), the Sans Serif is best.

    The DXG is spectacular though. More like etching. But the KTouch Sans Serif is close.

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