Got the like from E-Ink-Info. We are all so used to the vibrant colors of an LCD display that I don’t think consumers are going to be wild over the muted colors displayed here. I doubt either one will make it big in the marketplace.


  1. Maybe they won’t sell on their colour saturation, but instead might sell based on increased contrast ratio for black-white. The pearl screen was better enough than the original vizplex to upgrade for many e-ink users and these displays might just be good enough upgrade in screen quality to be the next level.

  2. Whoops, think you meant “got the link” not “got the like”. It’s hard to tell from the video exactly how the colors looked, but I didn’t think they were bad. If they really as as energy efficient and easy on the eyes as claimed, I think they will do quite well.

  3. I’d love to see the Mirasol technology used in a mainstream device. Have heard rumors (wishes?) that this will be used in the NG Kindle. I think it would take a major backer like that to get the technology to catch on (and have a reason for a factory to crank up production). The color e-ink looks very pale by comparison. The Mirasol has a faster page refresh (well, duh, since it can do video) than the new pearl screens. And it’s at a similar order of magnitude in terms of power consumption.

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