RohanShravan_thumbThe Android Police blog features a couple of five-minute demonstration videos of the Adam device from Notion Ink, showing it being put through its paces. The videos mostly cover the same territory, but one of them is, fairly impressively, shot in direct daylight, and the Pixel Qi screen is only slightly washed out—considerably more readable than my iPad in those conditions.

The Adam looks fairly impressive from the videos, though of course it would take a hands-on session to get a really good idea of how usable it will be. Tantalizingly, both videos showed an e-book reader screen, but didn’t open it to show how the reader looked (though they did show a PDF-reading app, which looked great).

The blog has also posted an in-depth interview with Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan, in which he discusses a number of decisions made about the device. The original device will not ship with the Android Market, since Google has said it is only meant for Android-powered phones. “Android market makes sense only after Honeycomb [Android version 3.0], which will support higher resolution and bigger screen.”

Rohan says that the device’s production capacity will not be equal to what huge companies like Apple or Samsung can do, but it should be able to keep up with demand, especially as Pixel Qi ramps up production on the screens.

As for apps:

Rohan: It ships will (sic) Complete Office Suite, Custom Browser, Email Client (Mail’d), Maps, Calculator (has few interesting features and worth mentioning here), Calendar, Media Application, File Browser, Snipping App, Facebook App, Chat Client, Canvas (drawing + photo editing), weather application and E-book application (plus few more about which we will release information later on)

The Adam is starting to look a lot less like vaporware, but only time will tell how well it can compete with the iPad and Galaxy Tab.

(Found via Engadget.)


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