DC Talent DevelopmentTired of the terrible reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Think you can do better? Feel like Frank Miller’s attitudes need a refresh? DC is offering you the chance to do something about it. With possibly the most inspirational, stirring cover art ever for any training course, in any discipline, anywhere, the DC Talent Development Program will soon be kicking ass and taking names.

No, not that way. “If you have ideas for characters as iconic as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, stories that will inspire generations of readers for years to come, and the chops to work for the longest-running publisher of comics, then you want to apply for the DC TALENT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP,” states the DC blurb. Applications for the DC Artists Workshop will open on April 1st, while Writers Workshop applications will open on May 1st.

These aren’t courses for complete novices, though. The Writers Workshop is “for professional writers aspiring to become DC’s next generation of storytellers,” and the submission requirements include a resume with “all published writing experience, comics related and beyond,” as well as writing samples. The Artists Workshop likewise is billed as “an innovative program designed to train elite artists in sequential visual narrative,” and requirements include a portfolio, with at least some DC characters already drawn.

What successful writing applicants get is an intro to the Writers Room, a “13-Week Video Workshop” to “learn the essentials from a master writer.” On top of that, “a hand-selected group from the Writers Room will then be invited to Burbank for the ultimate writing experience. Those who succeed in the Master Classes may obtain a position on a DC comic book series.”

DC offers that final job prospect as “The Goal” for writers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a great many applicants sign up simply to hone their comic writing skills. There don’t appear to be any restrictions on that in the FAQ, which also makes it clear that international applicants will be considered so long as they can eventually travel to the US. “Due to volume, we won’t be able to respond individually to each applicant, but we will be sending notifications to everyone at the end of the review process around the end of August,” continues the preamble.

What writer wouldn’t jump at the chance? Me, I’m already tempted to leap tall buildings at a single bound to get my application in. Kapow!


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