oscar movie piracyDon’t Blame Readers If Books Are Being “Devalued” (Book Riot)
If you hang out on the bookternet at all, you have no doubt seen one or more pearl-clutching declarations that books are losing their value–especially ebooks, which you can get for as little as NINETY-NINE CENTS (omg)–which is putting literature in great peril.

Analysis Of Pirated Oscar Movies Shows They’re Almost All Available… In HD (And Not From Screeners) (Techdirt)
There are some interesting findings in the data, including that screener copies don’t matter much any more.

This Explains Why No Men Were Using Pinterest (GigaOM)
If you ever wondered why Pinterest took off with women and not men, we have our answer. Friday the company announced it had changed its search filtering options so that men could see results catered to their gender.

The Zuckerberg Effect (PW)
Mark Zuckerberg is not Oprah Winfrey. It may not matter to publishing folk, though. When the Facebook CEO announced his new literary initiative, a book club called the Year of Books, on January 2, the parameters—a new title will be unveiled every two weeks—likely made stomachs in the industry drop.

Kindle Daily Deal: Best-Selling Romance Series (and others)

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