How to Land a Library Job (Publishers Weekly)Weekend Roundup
I don’t claim to be an expert in much, but when it comes to securing a library job I’ve got hard-won advice worth sharing. For much of my career I suffered from a kind of librarian wanderlust, switching jobs every two or three years, which pretty much means that I spent my first 20 years in this profession engaged in a continuous job search.
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The Old Reader to Remain Open Under New Management
(The Digital Reader)
It looks like the announcement of the imminent demise of The Old Reader may have been premature. There’s a new post today on their behind the scenes blog which reports that the service will be staying open.
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Thoughts from a Rare Book Dealer Who Hates Physical Books (Book Chase)
Proving that it takes all kinds, here’s an interesting (serious?) article in The Guardian in which a British rare book dealer confesses to the world that reading on the Kindle has “turned him off paper books.” Forced, because he inadvertently forgot his Kindle at home while traveling, to read an actual physical book on an airplane, Rick Gekoski seems to have suffered some sort of mental collapse.  Just listen to him describe the horrors he was forced to endure…
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Smell of chocolate boosts sales of romantic books (The Guardian)
The smell of chocolate in a bookshop makes people want to buy romance novels, it seems, but has much less of an effect on the sale of other book categories such as crime, travel or business titles.
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