$35FireThe $35 Fire tablet is now a reality, at least for those of us here in the States, as part of Black Friday.

Anyone actually pulling the trigger?

What else are you buying or are about to? Any other e-book-related bargains to point other TeleRead community members toward? And see any non-e-book electronics that still might be worth a mention?


  1. OK, I’ll go first. Who says you HAVE to buy? I was tempted to get a $35 Fire today for Carly as a gift to make Amazon books a little more convenient for her, but she’s happy with her Google Nexus and wants something else. Maybe the story is also about what people are not buying. The $35 Fire is a wonder. But I’ve already tried and liked it at $50. I wonder how many other people for now are all Fired up.

  2. It was already on sale, so this might not count, but… Kindle Paperwhite! I have a Touch, but I really wanted a newer model. With the light. My Nook Glowlight will be jealous.

    I also want to go to the annual two-day sale at my local community comic book shop. First, because Dad has been wanting to visit and say Hi to someone there. But also because discounts. And because they might have a new pulp reprint, or the new Justice, Inc. I have some digital comics, but in most cases, they still read much better on paper.

  3. I’m tempted to buy myself the $35 Fire, but I have been researching the Pocketbook (more money but comes in colors – ha ha), so I’m undecided.

    I’d planned on buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick when they went on sale, but now it appears that I have to replace my TV set — so I’m in a quandary. Most of the new sets come Amazon enabled (so to speak), but I’m confused over the whole new TV set up, so there it is. AACCKK! I need a tech person for all this.

    BTW, none of the books that are on my wish list are on sale, nor are any of the other things, so maybe I’ll just save my money all the way around. 😉

  4. I bought a Kobo Glo HD this morning from Indigo Chapters. With an additional 10% discount for using a Visa card it came to $90. Placed the order this morning and received shipping confirmation this afternoon. Cost for shipping to the U.S. was $15. If I get the current exchange rate my cost with freight will probably be about $85. Consider my a happy customer.

  5. Alas, I’ve got all the reading devices that I can handle and more books than I have time to read. A 500-page one on the 2011 Norwegian massacre just arrived in today’s mail. My big question. Why didn’t those Norwegian youth fight back against their lone killer? Why did they just let themselves be shot? To me that makes no sense.

    I’m going to spend what little I have on writer’s deals. I’m thinking of getting a useful tool called Aeon Timeline 2. It is quite powerful and synchs well with my writing tool of choice, Scrivener. Making it still more tempting, there’s a pre-release special that makes it half price ($25) until December 5. You can check it out here:


    Tools like Aeon Timeline are great for those who intend to write complex fiction or history. In my case, I may use it to improve what I have long needed to do, create a digital version of my Lord of the Rings chronology, Untangling Tolkien. It should make great illustrations of what each character is doing on specific days.


    A suggestion for those planning to shop for iTunes items this Christmas. Look around and you can find a card to put money in your account for 15% off and more. A $50 card might only cost $40. To find those discounts check this website:


    Click on the magnifying glass and search for “iTunes card.” it’s also a great place to check for other deals and coupons.

    –Mike Perry, Inkling Books

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