I hope this picture essay doesn’t take Nelson Mandela’s great name in vain. But I think he’d approve. And I think you all can get the point.

nelson mandela

And from Kayne West, showing his take on how we gonna make the black nation rise:

Or Neil Gaiman:

Or Noel Gallagher of Oasis:

And the latest PISA international education scores from the OECD, via the BBC:

I hope the lesson’s clear. Book haters are the agents and accomplices of tyranny and slavery. Always and everywhere. Book lovers are the force for freedom.


  1. Mandela’s political party forced school boycotts by black kids for many years as a statement against Apartheid which I find remarkably stupid because it hurt the kids, but not the white government.

    I have never heard that Mandela disproved of this stupidity by his wife who helped run the political party so, no, Mandela wasn’t a big proponent of education for most of his political life.

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