That’s the title of an article in The Chronicle of Higher Educations Profhacker blog, by Natalie Houston, who teaches nineteenth-century British literature.  She observes that more of her students have been using ereaders and reports on her observations:

Too often, the discussions I’ve read about the use of e-readers tends to assume that the switch from paper to pixel is an all-or-nothing decision. What I’ve observed suggests otherwise:

  • Some students used electronic texts for every book in the course
  • Some students used electronic texts for some books and paper copies for others
  • Some students used multiple devices for reading course materials, switching (sometimes even during a class session) among a laptop, Kindle, or smartphone
  • Some students used both an e-reader and a paper copy of the text, sometimes simultaneously
  • Some students use the e-reader just for reading
  • Some students used the e-reader for both reading and taking notes

More in the article. Thanks to Michael von Glahn for the link.


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