Jeremy Clark Wired demonstration In November, we reported on Condé Nast’s plans to offer Wired Magazine on this year’s crop of tablets, whatever those tablets ended up being. On Friday at TED 2010, Wired’s Editor-In-Chief Chris Anderson and Jeremy Clark from Adobe demonstrated how the iPad version of Wired would look.

“I’m from the media world,” Anderson told the audience “and as you may have heard, we have lots of questions about our future. The good news is I think we found part of the answer…. We think this is a game changer.”

From the description in the article, it sounds much like some e-book and magazine reading interfaces we’ve seen already: drag pages horizontally to go from article to article, vertically to page down and read into the article. It will also support different views and zoom levels in portrait and landscape mode, and optional multimedia.

A Wired e-subscription has the potential to save international readers a considerable amount in postage.

A number of magazines have announced or are looking into plans to publish issues on tablets. I wonder if each one will make its own platform, as Wired did, or whether they will standardize on one or a few app formats?


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