image_thumb1[1]I mentioned earlier this month that On Demand Books’s COO said it was poised to expand placement of its Espresso Book Machines to more locations. Now we see how: Engadget reports that Xerox is starting to get behind the Espresso Book Machine in a major way, planning to resell, lease, and service the devices. It seems like a match made in heaven, given that two Xerox printers plus some automation is all an EBM really is.

Xerox’s press release reports that Espresso is going to have two booths at Graph Expo 2010 in Chicago October 3-6, and that the EBM will be available through Xerox starting in early 2011.

It also mentions a “ProfitAccelerator® Espresso Book Machine Essentials Kit” that “provides an overview of the on-demand publishing market and how the system can be leveraged to drive business.” Xerox seems to be aiming this at independent bookstores as a possible way to remain relevant as e-publishing begins to eclipse the print publishing industry.

It’s good to see that Xerox, whose name used to be synonymous with document reproduction, has gotten behind the Espresso. It will be interesting to see whether this accelerates the rate of the Espresso’s widespread adoption.

(YouTube video of Espresso demonstration below the jump.)


  1. What we need (if it does not already exist) is a site that lists locations where EBMs are functioning, so that we may patronize the owners and demonstrate that there is a demand for POD books.

    Does anyone know if such a site exists?

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