Caught this on Wimo reader 1 090921Social Times.  I remember well Microsoft Reader being the end-all and be-all of ereading on my various Pocket PCs.

Microsoft Reader never became available for the Zune HD as I speculated. In fact, it did not seem any traction at all after its sudden reappearance. As it turns out, Microsoft Reader made a comeback only to have a quiet farewell tour. The Microsoft Reader website has a notice announcing that the application will disappear after August 30, 2012.

Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012, which includes download access of the Microsoft Reader application from the Microsoft Reader website. However, customers may continue to use and access the Microsoft Reader application and any .lit materials on their PCs or devices after the discontinuation on August 30, 2012. New content for purchase from retailers in the .lit format will be discontinued on November 8, 2011.

Microsoft Reader for the Pocket PC first appeared in August 2000. It was one of the first mobile ebook readers available and will be a grand old 12 years old when it is discontinued next year.


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