American Library Association logoI didn’t even realize the Christian Science Monitor had its own literary/books blog. I stumbled upon it yesterday (it’s called Chapter & Verse), and like the rest of the paper, it’s wonderful.

A post that went live two days ago caught my attention; it’s about a so-called “Business Model Scorecard” that was recently released by the American Library Association, and it “asks library staff members to rate e-book offerings from publishers on factors like availability,” according to the article.

From the post:

“The scorecards grade criteria from one to five and include 15 questions. Questions range from the price publishers are charging libraries for e-books to the length of time for which patrons can check them out … The introduction [to the scorecard] also discusses sticking points between libraries and publishers, including what the ALA says are publishers’ fears that readers will check out e-books from libraries instead of buying them.”

Publishers Weekly wrote about the scorecard earlier this week; that article included a link to a downloadable PDF version of the eight-page scorecard itself. [Click here to access the PDF.] The scorecard was compiled by the ALA’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group (DCWG).


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