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Self-publishing, E-books, and Legitimacy: Part 1

By a TeleBlog Contributor
September 16, 2009 // 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Luke Bergeron is a contributor to TeleRead and has given me permission to reprint his 5-part series which is currently appearing on his blog mispeled. Future installments will [...]

Ebooks and ereaders: More interactivity is needed

By a TeleBlog Contributor
August 22, 2009 // 26 Comments

Editor’s Note: This post is by author Luke Bergeron and is from his blog mispeled. It is reprinted with his permission. – Paul Biba So, I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek lately, [...]

The pros and cons of ads in e-books: Time to try it the right way, says writer Luke Bergeron

By a TeleBlog Contributor
August 18, 2009 // 19 Comments

Editor’s note: We love to run thoughtful e-book-related essays from authors. Publishers, PR people, pundits, press—we hear from them all, but not the authors they’re talking about. This [...]

App-onomics: How to succeed in publishing as it faces its Napster—by Al Katkowsky

By a TeleBlog Contributor
June 26, 2009 // 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: In May we published an article about Al Katkowsky and how he successfully promoted his self-published work, turned it into an Iphone app and ended up giving a presentation at one [...]

E-books and ISBNs, by Brian Green, Executive Director, International ISBN Agency

By a TeleBlog Contributor
June 4, 2009 // 3 Comments

Editor’s note: Brian submitted this article to me and was unsure as to whether he should actually submit it as a comment to Elizabeth Burton’s article. I thought the subject important [...]

Amazon and Synergy = Kindle

By a TeleBlog Contributor
May 27, 2009 // 4 Comments

Editor’s Note:  Yesterday I took a comment by Felix Torres and posted it on the front page because I thought it was really important.  After I did that I emailed Felix and asked if he would be [...]

Will Kindle crash Nielsen BookScan?

By a TeleBlog Contributor
May 21, 2009 // 2 Comments

Editor’s note: here is a very interesting article by Steve Weber, which is reprinted, with his permission, from his website, Weber Books. One of the nice things about this gig is that I learn [...]

Is it worth it? Ruminations of an e-book self-publisher by Steve Jordan

By a TeleBlog Contributor
March 13, 2009 // 6 Comments

Editor’s note:  I received an essay by e-mail from Steve Jordan, author and TeleRead contributor, who, by the way, will be posting it eventually in a different form on his Web site. [...]

How Read an E-Book Week improved my sales and popularity, and got me a new job!

By a TeleBlog Contributor
February 22, 2009 // 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Here is the first article by a new TeleRead contributor, author Steve Jordan. You can find his bio here. I met Steve at the TOC Conference and after I heard his story, over [...]

TeleRead audio interview: Smashwords encouraging self-pubbed writers to go POD as well as E

By a TeleBlog Contributor
February 14, 2009 // 0 Comments

Smashwords has worked out an affiliate relationship with Wordclay, a print on demand company, to encourage writers to appear on paper as well as in ePub and other electronic formats. Mark Coker [...]

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