I have received a number of reports from readers about supposed malware on the site.  I sent them to our IT people and received the following reply:

This was not malware, but a coincidence error message that we found and fixed.  I had our hosting provider run a malware and virus protection scan on the site, and it came back clean.

Thanks to all who cared enough to let us know.


  1. I’m the one that posted the warning on Mobiread about the popups, and the connection to the Windows Security malware popup that possibly can infect your windows computer. I was seeing the “Network Error 00006” popups for roughly about a week, normally I just clicked on the “X” to dismiss the popups (there were numerous, as many as six or so at one time). But on two occasions I clicked inside the popup, and immediately got the “Window Security” malware popup, and since I’ve seen this before, I use task manager to immediately close IE9. This malware is extremely hard to remove from infected systems. While the website owner has stated that he found no malware on his website, I urge caution when you do see the popups, especially the second one. I fully support the Teleread website, and enjoiy reading the posts every day, I have absolutely no negative feelings toward the website owner. However, if evidence of malware is shown on your web browser by popups claiming to be some type of windows security scan, immediately shut down your web browser (cntl-alt-del and select task manager, and close the web browser session) and don’t run the supposed scan, don’t click anywhere inside the dialog box, it is malware and will try to install without your permission. This type of attack has been increasing across the internet and is probably outside the control of the web site if they use outside sources for code or ads.

  2. @MarkusK – I agree with you completely. @vaughnmr – I’ve been on Teleread everyday for the past month. I haven’t seen anything odd. Perhaps you should try using Firefox with the No-Script plugin…that might help.

  3. You might be right about that, I do have the Google toolbar, but when I’m on Teleread, I also see a new toolbar at the bottom of the screen, called Wibiya. There’s no way to turn it off, and it’s only on Teleread. Don’t really know what it’s for or why it’s there…

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