Jeremy Greenfield

What can traditional publishers offer authors to keep them around?

By Paul St John Mackintosh
January 24, 2014 // 5 Comments

That is the unstated theme of a research report just released under the auspices of Digital Book World, “What Advantages do Traditional Publishers Offer Authors: A Comparison of Traditional and Indie Publishing from the Authors’ Perspective,” authored by Dana Beth Weinberg and [...]

Best-Seller Lists: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

By Joanna Cabot
April 18, 2013 // 2 Comments

Digital Book World has been compiling weekly e-book bestseller lists for some time, and in the latest analysis they’ve made on them, Jeremy Greenfield alleges to have found an e-book pricing “sweet spot.” What he means by this is that in looking at data over the last four months, [...]

Random House's Hydra changes contract terms

By Susan Lulgjuraj
March 12, 2013 // 0 Comments

Many publishing insiders and authors have been discussing Random House over the past week. The company might wish it had stayed out of the news as criticisms came down over its digital imprints, especially Hydra, which handles science fiction. In case you missed the news, here’s the basic [...]

The Gamification of Books: Good Idea, or Bad?

By Joanna Cabot
February 26, 2013 // 1 Comment

There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Morning Links about the ‘gamification’ of books. I had first heard this term in response to the Reading Life feature on the Kobo platform, which awards you ‘badges’ for such activities as reading at a certain time in the [...]

Free Webinar: The ABCs of Kids & Ebooks

By Dan Eldridge
January 25, 2013 // 0 Comments

Our friends over at Digital Book World are partnering with PlayScience, a New York-based children’s entertainment and education research company, to produce a free hour-long webinar, The ABCs of Kids & Ebooks. The webinar, which will look at the e-reading habits of children aged two to [...]

Reading With Kids: Some stats to ponder …

By Joanna Cabot
September 20, 2012 // 3 Comments

Digital Book World’s Jeremy Greenfield reported yesterday about a new digital reading survey from The Joan Ganz Cooney Center, which looks at how parents and kids read together on digital devices. The survey of almost 500 iPad owners found that 27 percent of them did not read on their iPads [...]

Reading E-Books on Smartphones – How popular is it?

By Dan Eldridge
September 16, 2012 // 16 Comments

Last week, Digital Book World editorial director Jeremy Greenfield shared the details of an interesting (if non-scientific) e-reading study; it was conducted via DBW’s Twitter account, which has more than 20,000 followers. The tweet itself was simple enough; it read this like: Do you [...]

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