Amazon certainly seems to be taking the Kindle quite seriously in this political season. On the Amazon Kindle Blog they have announced an exclusive deal with Newsweek. While some people will bemoan the fact that Amazon is “locking up” content, I think that the bigger picture is more important. The more major media outlets become familiar with e-publishing the more we will see it flourish. Here’s the post:

Only on Kindle, Newsweek’s editors and writers will release four biographies on the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Four separate titles on Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and Joe Biden will become available on October 15: Mr. Cool: The Best of Newsweek’s Up-Close Coverage of Barack Obama, Mr. Hot: The Best of Newsweek’s Up-Close Coverage of John McCain, The Outsider: The Best of Newsweek’s Up-Close Coverage of Sarah Palin, and The Insider : The Best of Newsweek’s Up-Close Coverage of Joe Biden.

The book-length biographies contain archived reporting and commentary from Newsweek’s coverage of the candidates from the magazine’s award-winning political correspondents. Each biography takes readers through the lives of the candidates, from their personal beginnings to their political breakthroughs. This exclusive Kindle collection represents a groundbreaking partnership for both Newsweek and Amazon.

“We have reported deeply and written searchingly about these candidates, and the Kindle platform has created the opportunity to give readers something with the breadth of a political biography, but with digital immediacy,” said Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham. “This is a vote for the kind of content we produce well, and which means so much to readers.”


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