oldIPAD4586879133_80c19f0248_zThe “Find my iPhone” feature and equivalents—for iPads and other Apple devices—might be sucking up more battery juice than you want it to.

Over the years a debate has raged about how much. But almost surely, the answer is “at least some.”

I myself have left the feature on for my iPad Air 2. But if you’re otherwise inclined, here’s the drill, as described by Technipages:

  1. From within Settings, go to iCloud.
  2. Key in your Apple ID and password if prompted for them.
  3. After swiping down, choose “Find My iPhone” (or the equivalent) and select Off.
  4. You can also choose On, via the same menu, if you want the feature re-enabled.

If you love reading e-books but worry about battery life, the “Off” might be worth experimenting with. Along the way, keep in mind that if your i device is lost or stolen, you’ll have one fewer line of defense.

Photo credit: Here. Yes, it’s an older iPad, but I liked the photo.


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