58-723-001-11.jpgThanks to our reader Dr. Ellen V. Hage for pointing this out. Newegg is selling the black ECTACO jetBook Reader for $198 with free shipping. The white version is priced at $299, so this is a good deal. According to the write-up on the site the unit only supports txt, pdf and jpg, but it might be good for some our more technically inclined readers.

Anybody else see any good deals out there?


  1. Actually it also supports fb2 format… which admittedly doesn’t make many titles available unless you happen to speak Russian.

    That being said, it is not too difficult to convert books into pdfs.

    Also, Ectaco is planning on adding support for ePub and mobipocket to the reader early next year.

  2. That price is a bit of a shocker. (Especiually since I was at J&R this Black Friday AM and again saw the $299.00 price!)

    Too bad ECTACO didn’t make it CRYSTAL clear that the *current* hardware will ABSOLUTELY get ePub capability. At that price, it’d sell scads.

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