Here is the listing of categories and book totals from the Kindle Lending Library.  This is from my Kindle 4:

All books: 5,156

Fiction: 1,346

Non-fiction: 3,865

Advice and how-to: 734

Business & investing: 480

Politics & current events: 90

Literary fiction: 78

Biographies & memoirs: 223

Religion & spirituality: 456

Science fiction: 68

Fantasy: 30

Mystery & thrillers: 149

Romance: 330

Science: 189

History: 271

Children’s ebooks: 294

Reference: 481

Travel: 247

Sports: 239

Humor: 171

Computers & internet: 27

Arts & entertainment: 323

Lifestyle & home: 997

Parenting & families: 259


  1. I spent a bit of time this evening browsing available titles–nothing to write home about. Pretty lack luster. Great if you want to read Vook books. I found maybe 6-10 that I would even bother with. But, it is just a beginning. If Amazon can get the major publishers on board (or even 3 of them) it would be much better. But it is a vision for the future. Watch out libraries if it takes off.

  2. @Barbara Henry: This is no threat to libraries and is clearly not intended as such. It is mostly a promo tool and an experiment, I think, to see if a Netflix-style lending library might be feasible. Amazon already offers up 100+ free ebooks every week and its competitors offer up a couple dozen allthewhile libraries have seen their ebook subscribers double. Libraries may have waiting lists but they are free, open to all, and more liberal in the number of books you can check out.

    This is more of a nice little bonus for Amazon Prime subscribers than a Kindle selling point.

    But if it provides data to convince publishers that lending libraries don’t cannibalize sales it might pave the way for a standalone paid service; say $10 a month for up to 4 books out at a time or some such.

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