New Features

  • PDF Output: Full pagination support. No more cutoff bottom line.
  • calibredb add now prints out the ids of added books
  • Kobo Vox driver: Add support for new Google Play firmware
  • Driver for Prestigio PMP5097PRO
  • Add option to disable tooltips in the book list under Preferences->Look & Feel
  • When customizing builtin recipes download the latest version of the recipe to customize instead of using the possibly out of date bundled version

Bug Fixes

  • PDF Output: Use the cover from the input document when no cover is specified during a conversion
  • E-book Viewer: Printing now has proper pagination with top and bottom margins no lines partially cut-off at the bottom and full style retention
  • KF8 Input: Handle files with incorrectly encoded guide type entries.
  • E-book viewer: Disable hyphenation on windows xp as Qt WebKit barfs on soft hyphens on windows XP
  • Handle OS X systems with invalid palette colors.
  • Tag Browser: Fix regression that broke partitioning of hierarchical categories.
  • LRF Output: Handle negative page margins
  • Template language: Fix arithmetic functions to tolerate the value ‘None’ as returned by raw_field()
  • Fix custom title sort set in the edit metadata dialog getting reset by the conversion dialog

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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