This was mentioned by Chris Meadows below, but now comes an actual demonstration of Wired on an iPad.

More info here. Thanks to Erin Biba for the heads up.


  1. Nice concept piece… looks like someone’s taken some cues from the Bonnier video

    from about 2 months back, while still maintaining a paper-like motif. And I noticed they mentioned the ability to “clip and save” articles in favorites folder… the digital scrapbook I described in Chasing the Light!

    If more magazines manage this design and delivery concept, I’ll actually have a reason to buy an iPad!

  2. It would be really funny if Adobe indeed would be amongst the first to enable publishers to publish for the iPad.

    @Micah Jeremy Clark (who features in the clip) works for Adobe and starts by explaining that they used Adobe AIR to build this (about 1 minute into the clip). But the original Wired story (see link in article above) mentions/suggests that they used the Packager for iPhone tool that will allow Flash apps (including AIR) to run on Apple mobile platforms.
    But using AIR also allows them to provide the app for Windows, Linux and Mac.

  3. Apple won’t allow Flash on their devices. However, the good guys at Adobe created something I have been longing for forever…

    Flash CS5 has a “convert to IPA” function that will take all AS3 apps and convert them to iPhone / iPad / iPod apps.

    Air does run on an iPhone / iPod. Just not out of factory.

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