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I was recently looking around for an easy way to open FB2 eBooks on one of my Kindle. I’ve tried some FB2 to Mobipocket converter in the past and it failed miserably so I gave up on the idea for a while. Recently I gave it another try. This time around I’ve tried to convert FB2 files to PDF. I’ve stumbled upon a marvelous web-service – – it does what it’s name implies. You upload FB2 file and download PDF. The service can even save you a roundtrip and download FB2 files directly from websites like When converting you can specify target device: Kindle 2, DX, Sony, etc so the resulting PDF is optimized for a particular screen size. I couldn’t me happier!

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  1. Page2Pub claims to be:
    1. The Page2Pub Firefox Add-On
    This add on allows you to gather whole pages, and sections of web pages, as you are browsing the web. The application saves the content locally as an Open EPub document. The browser add-on also allows you to edit the contents of your EPUB.
    2. The Page2Pub Render System
    Using Java and Adobe AIR, the render tool transforms the EPub into a locally saved print ready PDF book.

  2. @Karel Rei
    it’s the second link on the results page (does take a while to process for those bigger files, though if you provide your email address then it will email you a link to the resulting file when it’s done)
    as previously stated, it’s the second link on the results page, the one that says
    загрузить сконвертированную книгу
    (which means “download converted book”)
    good luck

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