france.jpgGallimard and two other French publishers plan to sue Google over the scanning fo their books. This is in addition to the suit by another French publisher, La Martinière/Seuil, that Google lost. That suit is now on appeal.

According to the Bookseller:

Gallimard told an audience at a conference on digitisation that “contacts with Google at the beginning of the year led us to hope for progress on this issue, but nothing has happened,” the French trade weekly Livres Hebdo reported. Gallimard’s legal director Brice Amor told The Bookseller that the hope was that other publishers would join them. … In 2006, Gallimard was the first French publisher to demand that Google withdraw its titles from the US firm’s database. After a pause of six months, Google resumed scanning Gallimard titles and has continued ever since: “We have asked Google for a complete list of our titles it has scanned so far, but have had no reply,” Amor said.


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