kindle for androidI admit when I read the news on The Digital Reader last night, it went something like this: “Kindle for Android updated…blah blah blah…supports immersive mode…blah blah blah. Wait. Stop. Did I read what I thought I just read?”

Yes, I am a fan of immersive, mode, as you’ve probably guessed from previous posts, and I’ve been waiting a long time for the folks at Amazon to finally incorporate it.

I read on three devices, a Kindle Paperwhite, an iPad and my Nook HD running CM11. The Nook and Paperwhite are my main reading devices, and I’ve hated needing to trade off easy syncing between devices with using an app on my Nook which allowed the full screen. No more trade-offs.

With KitKat now having almost 21 percent of the market, this was a good, and, in my opinion, long overdue change.

Here’s the rest of the Changelog, which also contains some nice audio features for those of you who use them. I read too fast to use the audiobook sync, although I think it’s a cool feature.


• Read books in immersive full-screen mode (Android OS 4.4+)
• Tap the bottom right corner of a page to lock orientation
• Control playback from the lock screen while audio is playing in the book
• Choose system brightness in reader settings
• Navigate table of contents by sub chapter
• Pair with Bluetooth devices (Permission)