The Kindle for PC page has again been updated (see features of original, basic Kindle for PC) with the following new features:

Download the new version to enjoy these new features.

  • Real Page Numbers
    See real page numbers for thousands of books in the Kindle Store. Now you can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class.
  • Popular Highlights
    See what our community of Kindle readers think are the most interesting passages in your books.  If several other readers have highlighted a particular passage, then that passage will be highlighted in your book.
  • Touch for Windows 7 Tablets
    Enjoy a touch-friendly interface on Windows 7 tablet computers.

As with all of our services, we plan to continue improving Kindle for PC.  Below are some features we are thinking about bringing to Kindle for PC in the near future:

  • Library Management
    A new way to manage and organize your content

Here’s an image of how they implemented the Page numbers display that are included with Locations display for the computer version of Kindle.

The PREVIOUS big update in November added these features:

* Use the built-in dictionary to seamlessly look up the definitions of
English words without interrupting your reading.
* Read in the standard one-column mode or take advantage of a larger screen
with a multi-column view, which will automatically adjust
according to your screen size. [ Very slick. ]
* Choose whether you’d like to browse your library in a tile view or in a list view.

Examples of normal one-column book page mode and the multi-column view:
By the way, in the November changes that allow us to view by covers or by a detailed text listing, we have new sorting options:

1. TEXT listing:   Sort by TYPE (New or Sample, at the top or bottom)
2. COVER listing: Sort by LENGTH of book.

As before, the Kindle team says they’d like to hear from Kindle for PC users.
You can send them to the Kindle team at or via the feedback form available in the application – we’d love to hear what you think

Via Andrys Basten’s A Kindle World blog


  1. The ability to make a page into 2 columns is VERY important. Even with my 13″ tablet in portrait orientation, in order to read a full line across the page, I have to use the cursor to keep my place in order to go from the RH end of a line to the LH start of the next line if there are more than 5 lines in a block of text.

    To date I’ve been using’s progam for reading books on my tablet. So, this new change comes at a very propitious time as I’m about to replace my Sony 505 with some other eBook reader. With this change in the Kindle for PC –IF IT CAN WORK ON XP — I will buy a Kindle as a replacement thus killing two birds . . .. .

    While I’m writing. Is there a way to transfer the books in my Sony Library that can be read on the Kindle on the Kindle for PC? I’ve 6 books to read (I’ve finishied 74 in 3 years). As an aside, I bought the Sony 505 because at the time the Kindle window was slightly smaller and the forward/back buttons were in the wrong place for mel

    I will be interested in knowing if the new version of Kindle for PC and the ability to set pages into 2 colums will work with XP. If so, I’ll make the change.


  2. Alan,
    Another thing you can do with the Kindle for PC app is narrow the main solo column. I often do this with the Kindle when I don’t feel like reading all the way across (on my larger Kindle DX).

    That’s done via the Aa options near the center top of the app.

    I have Windows XP, and the two-column option does work on it and is much easier on my eyes as I prefer to read in newspaper or magazine style.

    The 6″ Kindle itself, which you’re thinking of getting, also allows you to make a smaller solo column by choosing wider margins and gives 3 options for spacing between lines.

    As for Sony files being readable: There is an independent plugin (not by Calibre) that is useable with Calibre and intended for those who have purchased books but want to read them on other e-readers. You’d need to google for it as it does remove DRM and that’s frowned on, but many feel that if you’ve already bought the book, it’s justifiable.

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