KindleBoards, a popular Kindle forum, will be changing its name and domain at 9:30 p.m. PST today (March 7, 2013). The new site will be Other than changing your bookmarks, nothing else should change, according to Harvey, the owner of the site.

The site is expected to be down from 7 p.m. PST to 9:30 p.m. PST while they make all the changes.

Why are they changing? Did they receive a nasty letter from Amazon? Nope. According to “Ann in Arlington,” one of the site moderators:

Basically, Amazon has often asked sites to stop using the name ‘kindle’ which is, after all, their trademark. They’ve left us alone for 5 years but at some point it’s entirely possible they’ll send the notice.  It’s actually a little surprising we’ve been left alone as long as we have as we are certainly the premier Kindle fan site on the Net! Sites and blogs with much smaller footprints, albeit different purposes, have been asked to change their names.

Sounds like a good move to change before they need to.

Remember to change your bookmarks tomorrow, if you’re a user of the site.


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