I’m sure many of you have noticed the lack of Dan’s touch over the last few weeks. That’s because Dan Eldridge, former editor-in-chief of TeleRead, has moved on to (hopefully) bigger and better things. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that he will be missed.

While I won’t say I can take his place, I have accepted the editor position, and today’s my first day. I ask for forgiveness in advance as I learn the ropes and figure everything out.

I introduced myself earlier this year, and I won’t repeat all that. I will say, however, that I’ve been a loyal reader of this blog since the Paul Biba days, and I’m thrilled to follow in such august footsteps. I intend to maintain this blog’s reputation as one of the premier online publications covering digital publishing, e-reading and all the other cool stuff we cover here.

I’m open to suggestions from you, the readers, on content you’d like to see. My contact information is on the About Us page (which I realized hasn’t been updated yet–we’re working on it). Please feel free to reach out to me with ideas and suggestions. Also, if you’re on Twitter, I’m @1to1Discovery. I’d love to connect with you there too!


  1. So happy you’re the new editor, Juli, and meanwhile let me thank your predecessor, the likewise gifted Dan Eldridge, for all of his hard work and professionalism.

    Especially I appreciate your eagerness to build up TeleRead as a community. Great to see you and TeleRead’s other regulars in the comments area – both contributors and other community members – speaking out passionately on e-books. That’s what this site should be about while it also keeps us up to date on tech and publishing and helps us make the best use of the former. A bland trade-pub approach just wouldn’t be right (even though it’s important to be fair and factual no matter what the nature of the site).

    Kudos to NAPCO for respecting TeleRead’s uniqueness. Incidentally, for those who don’t know, this is the Web’s oldest general-interest news and views site on e-books and related topics.


    David Rothman
    Founder, TeleRead
    Cofounder and Editor, LibraryCity.org

  2. Congratulations and also so nice to see you recognize Paul Biba, who I knew back when he covered the early days of GPS when I was with DeLorme. He always struck me as someone who was out ahead of the others and I think this should be the goal of any technology-related news service. I remember talking to Paul about the potential of location-based services well before anyone had heard the term or thought about what a smartphone future might look like. Now look where we are!

  3. @Caleb, I had the greatest respect for Paul Biba, both as writer and editor. It was a sad day for me when he left TeleRead to go motoring. Fortunately, the site’s been in good hands ever since, and I hope I can do my part to continue it.

  4. Congrats, Juli! Best of luck to you!
    The cookie celebration must be something Canadian, I would have celebrated with a cold Margarita 🙂

    David Rothman, nice to see that you still follow your baby = Teleread! I remember the site from waaaaaaaay back when.

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