Some of you may have read that Moon+ Reader was pulled from Google Play about a week ago, for a bogus copyright infringement claim. Nate over at The Digital Reader had a good story about it.

A few days later, the developer had an apology from Litres, the company who made the bogus claim. I tried to read the apology, but my Russian is non-existent. If any readers want to give us an overview of the apology, it’s here.

The good news is that the developer received lots of support and coverage of the story. Scroll down to see the list of sites that wrote about it. And as of yesterday, Moon+ Reader was back on Google Play.

The awesome news for readers is that in celebration, the developer has put the app on sale for the rest of the month. Not that $4.99 is expensive, but who can pass up a 50% off sale, making it only $2.49? I’ve been meaning to purchase it for a while now, so you know where I’m heading as soon as I post this story.


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