amazon updates original paperwhiteAmazon Rolls Out Update for Original Kindle Paperwhite (The Digital Reader)
Amazon might not be selling the original Kindle Paperwhite in very many markets but that doesn’t mean it’s been forgotten.

Comixology Hacked, Subscribers Change Your Password (Digital Book World)
On the eve of Comixology’s appearance at SXSW Interactive, the annual tech festival, the digital comics vendor has discovered a security breach and urged all its subscribers to change their passwords. Early this morning Comixology sent a letter to subscribers to alert them it had been hacked.

George Saunders Has Won the Story Prize (GalleyCat)
Author George Saunders has won the Story Prize, and its $20,000 purse, for his short story collection Tenth of December.

The Ten-Year Itch: Re-Reading Books After a Decade (Book Riot)
I know I can understand and appreciate that beauty so much better than I could as a teenager. At the same time, I’m so much harsher as a reader now, I’ve absorbed so many writing rules in these intervening years that I apply to everything I read, and it’s hard not to take these books to task for faults I wouldn’t have even known were faults years ago.

Kindle Daily Deals: Brandenburg (and others)

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