nebula nominees 20132013 Nebula Nominees Announced (SFWA)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America are pleased to announce the 2013 Nebula Awards nominees (presented 2014), the nominees for the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, and the nominees for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Angry Customers Raise Valid Points About Sony Closing Reader Store and Switching to Kobo (GoodeReader)
A few weeks ago a bombshell announcement was made that Sony was closing their online Reader Store and transitioning all of their North American customers to Kobo. Users, are starting to express tremendous disdain about this move.

Author Earnings Takes a Look at Nook Store, Finds a Lot of Best-Selling Indie Titles (The Digital Reader)
Hugh Howey overturned the publishing world’s apple cart with his first Author Earning report a couple weeks ago and he’s back again today with more unsettling revelations.

Where eBook Subscription Services Could Have the Most Success (Digital Book World)
The U.S. is the biggest ebook market in the world and three of the most prominent ebook subscription start-ups are based here, but it may not be the most promising launch pad for such a business. Countries where digitization of books have hurt publishers the most might be the best places for subscription services to take root.

Kindle Daily Deals: House Secrets (and others)


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