Nate mentioned this New York Public Library panel discussion, “Amazon: Business As Usual?” a few days ago. It’s going to have a number of the loudest complainants about Amazon taking part, including James Patterson and Bob Kohn. I wondered what the point was, given that it seems the deck was largely stacked with publishing-industry types who have ample reason to dislike Amazon.

That was before I learned that David Vandagriff, aka “Passive Guy” from The Passive Voice blog, will also be taking part. One of big publishing’s most outspoken critics, he is assured to have plenty to say at this event. Now I have reason to look forward to seeing sparks fly.

And it looks like I actually will be able to do just that. The event is going to be livestreamed, Tuesday July 1, at 7 p.m. Eastern. That should be a fun show, and I’ve set a reminder to make sure I remember to tune in. You might just want to do the same.


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